Best Affiliate Marketing Clickbank Alternatives in 2022

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Many entrepreneurs and people face issues to checkout, signing and promote product and services through Clickbank and make money online. Usually accounts profile gets disable due to restriction over accessing in specific countries hinders your passive income goals. However, there are other best alternatives that you can find out that can satisfy your niche.

First what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is just one of the digital marketing tool people use to promote or sell product by gaining or paying certain commission. Usually, this type of marketing has evolved through real estate. Brokers promote property to clients and get commission of sales amount which can be called as affiliate transaction. Clickbank does the same, it provides platform to seller and buyer to promote the product to leverage sales performance.

  • Amazon Associate

The Amazon affiliate has gained top ranked due to its trust worthiness of customer to buy and competitive positioning in the market. Most of the people buy products through or review on Amazon to buy for. It ensures to provide variety of products and services for sell that can be used to promote. You can create specific blogs to find links that are attached with Amazon products as its more customer reach and relevant with current market. However, Amazon provides low commission that might be negative point, though as the customer sales increases, it becomes easy to upscale the monetary transactions.

  • JVZoo

The platform has similar functionality with Clickbank. People upload their products and you can signup as an affiliate to promote online and make instant perks. However, you should know one think about JVZoo as most of the promoted products are come from software and digital products. It can be useful to find niche category for your business by identifying top sold products in seven or ten days.

The platform is again similar with Clickbank and Clickfunnel where you can promote product and sell as well. One thing is definitely providing competitive edge is that, it promotes low ticket and up sales. The product has low barriers of entry and good commission over promoting.

Just one thing to know that it is different from Clickbank. Don’t get mixed up with both as Clickfunnel is software not a platform where you can sign up as affiliate. ClickFunnel has diverse range of platform such as their own funnel, creating new funnel, landing pages and get up to 40% commission. There popular products such as books and one funnel away challenges and get $100. They have really good affiliate program though as an affiliate you specifically have to promote their own product only.

  • MarketHealth

Well this platform is suitable for specific niche market such as fitness and wellbeing. Markethealth have multiple range of products related with health. However, if your business or niche does not relate with the website, it is better to use others.

The platform provides low commission over sales, though you can promote and find out every single niche of product to sale and affiliate. Some of the top categories on the platform such as Clothing, sports and others. For a special recommendation, the variety of products can be promoted effectively through blogs rather email marketing.

The platform also targets some specific niche to promote and sale through affiliate funnel such as CPA. You can find good products related with cost per position and cost per click for which can get pay for clicks. However, the funnel is completely different from Clickbank and you may have conducted a detailed research over CPA Affiliates.

So, this was an overview on how you can earn and find best alternative to earn money other than Clickbank. We hope it will support your idea and help you to make more money with stopping as affiliate marketer. Keep Learn, Keep Woot.