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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic writing is an important component of the educational process. It can help students develop their critical thinking skills, refine their research skills, increase their understanding of a given subject, and improve their communication skills. Academic writing can also help students develop confidence in their ability to express their ideas and opinions in a clear and organized way.

A writer can earn $10 per hour depending upon the content, field and deadline. 

Different types of academic writing include essays, research papers, book reviews, dissertations, and more. Each type of academic writing has its own set of rules and conventions that should be followed.

We offer a wide range of writing services, including essay writing, research paper writing, dissertation writing, copywriting, proofreading and editing, and more.

We provide 100% money back guarantee if the client fails in the subject. 

You can make payment from PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Transfer, Google Pay. 

No. We believe in one time payment, and there is no additional fees demanded. 

Some tips that can help with academic writing include planning your paper, researching the topic, structuring your paper, proofreading your work, and using a citation generator. Additionally, its important to be organized and to keep track of the sources you use.

Our rates vary depending on the type of writing service, the length of the project, and other factors. Please contact us for a free quote.


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