Which is Best For You? Online MBA or Regular MBA

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Several universities and students are approaching towards distance learning degree in online program such as Master in Business Administration degree (MBA). As per the data, the online MBA degree has bombarded by 50% in 2019 in application. During the Covid-19, students started attracted towards the online MBA degree reported 84% growth in 2020. But does it worth it? Is it worthy as equal to regular MBA or regular learning program? We will try to find out.

Note: – Go through the recommendation at the last to understand which is better and valuable after reading discussion and following points.

Online MBA

MBA degree is always one of the preferable post graduate degree among students. So does online MBA worth it for students? Well, it can be said that new and former universities are providing online learning education to the students such as Harvard and Stanford. It provides better opportunities for working professional to get better job opportunities and dual specialization option. Any graduate student is eligible for applying online MBA program in Marketing, Data analytics, Finance, HR, Data science and others.

Secondly, it becomes easy for anyone to attend lectures and exams as per their convenience which provides opportunity for working professional to leverage hike in salary with the help of Degree and Experience. The degree provides job opportunities at all different industrial sectors such as technical or non-technical.

Does Recruiters find value in Online MBA?

The online learning MBA programme provides 20% to 30% increment in the salary after the post-graduation degree. It is one of the truths that cannot be negligible as recruiters value the experienced candidate that have performed online MBA which is driven by technology. The universities are providing new courses with different specialisation.

Features of online MBA

The universities offer technology driven program with the help of learning management system in Distance MBA degree. It provides students benefits such as digital library, Q&A, live lectures, video recorded lecturers, E-book, resources and other notification on opted courses. Other than that, it also provides faculty communication and interaction, guest lecture facility, career counselling, placement assistance, industry expert seminars and chat-box.

However, the quality universities do not differentiate the students between online and offline MBA program. Yet, it can be said that, the reason behind choosing MBA is to get better salary and placement in Corporate World. Though, the regular MBA provides better placement drive compared to online MBA. However, the regular MBA degree requires students to get 75% attendance, setting 9 to 5 time schedule and learning through one place.

The online MBA programme is considered as valid degree as per the global recognised universities which is equivalent to regular MBA. It provides job opportunities private, government and foreign sector. After pursuing and completion of online MBA, you can opt your career in banking, finance, events management, telecom, sports, branding & advertising, foreign trade and digital marketing.

Secondly, the you can find your job profiles at several positions such as HRM, Accounting manager, Marketing Management, Brand manager, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Management Consultant, Equity Research Analyst, and others.

There are top companies that provides placements to Online MBA students such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Deloitte, Citi Bank, Facebook, IBM, Accenture, Axis Bank and other MNCs. The online MBA programme can be done from anywhere from the world. Hence, it becomes important to fulfil the eligibility criteria with under-graduation degree and minimum two years of experience.

Distance MBA DegreeRegular MBA Degree
The student can attend live and recorded lecturers with weekend option facility.It requires students to attend daily offline classes as per the schedule with strict attendance.
It is beneficial and worthy for Entrepreneurs, working professional and married people.The regular MBA can be done by working professional and fresher students.
The distance MBA contains low fee structure which is flexible with instalment and bank loan facilities.It contains higher fee structure than distance MBA.
The online learning does not provide placement to the students.It offers better placement opportunities to the students with better salary package.
It does not provide quality classroom interaction, networking and college feel.You can interact with seniors, teachers, friends consequently. 
You may not require to go through entrance exam to get admission.While, it complementary entrance examination for students in Top Universities.

As per the report of GMAC, there is 1 out of 5 students enroll for Online MBA program in Universities in 2020 which would be double in upcoming five years. The regular MBA program contains more worth or value for students as it would be difficult to gain knowledge in other places such as home or other. Moreover, the students would able to explore networking and communication with students, seniors, and professors. However, considering the current scenario, the Covid-19 lockdown creates better value for students due to flexibility and valid equivalent position compared to regular MBA.


As a student or working professional or married women, it would be recommended that if you can afford and lead your efforts in better way, Regular MBA would be better option and worthy for next two years. On the other hand, if you are working and requires degree to get hike in salary with affordable fees structure, online MBA programme would help to ride the value.

The Covid-19 lockdown leads regular and online MBA at the same position in learning aspect. Hence, it becomes important to choose right opportunity in Online and Distance MBA.  Do proper research and analysis by comparing different universities in regional and international region.

The comparison must be performed in courses offered, Fee, Semester mode, Approvals, Ratings, Placement Cell assistance, and other benchmarks. Thirdly, you must focus on gaining information on your professors and lecturers that would provide learning support during the semester. It plays key role in understanding concepts and broadening the networking with industrial professionals. Thirdly, develop motivation and goal in mind by gaining experience in professional corporate world while pursuing distance MBA. If not, your Distance MBA would not as valuable as Regular MBA.

So be sure with your approach and mindset in targeting right MBA program as per your preference and flexibility. For more information, keep connected with social media handles and website for amazing blogs and news.