Refund and Cancellation Policy

refund and cancellation

Studywoot want you to be 100% satisfied, that’s why all the eligible courses you’ve purchased on Studywoot can be refunded within 30 days, provided the request meets the guidelines in our refund policy

However, the company may create restrictions on some purchases may only be eligible for credit refunds. For more information regarding our refund policy, please see below.

Our 30-day policy

30-day refund policy ensures students to learn stress free, we protect our instructors from spam and provide them a reasonable payment schedule. Payments are sent to instructors after 30 days, so we will not process refund requests received after the refund window.

Reasons for denied refunds

Studywoot preserve the sole right o limit or deny refund requests in cases where we identify there is refund case, including but not limited to the following:

  • Majority of the portion of the course has been consumed or seen by a student before the refund was requested.
  • Multiple refunds have been sent by a student for the same course.
  • Excessive refunds have been requested by a student.
  • Users who have their account processed, banned or course access denied due to a violation of our Terms or Trust & Safety Guidelines
  • Studywoot don’t grant refunds for any subscription services unless otherwise required by applicable law.

Assignment Refund Policy

Studywoot is responsible for providing the product in a timely manner and according to the Customer needs indicated in the order. If any of the company’s promises be violated, the customer is entitled to a partial or a full reimbursement according to our refund policy.

Our refund policy gives you the sole-right to request reimbursement if our service failed to match its responsibilities for you. As our service offers legitimate academic assistance, we ensure 100% leave you fully satisfied! More than 98% of our customers return with satisfied orders. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and in these cases, you can always refer to our refund policy. We want to emphasize that there are only certain situations when we can offer a full refund. 

Reason for Denied Refund if:

  • Receiving less grades: Studywoot don’t assure grades. The assignment help we provide are tailored as draft samples or reference and are not ready for submission and not to be submitted directly as one’s original work.
  • Change of deadline: In the case of change in the deadline, the last mentioned refunds due to delay and the recalculation of the price do not apply as the end dates are different.
  • Editing, proofreading, formatting: The order you place for the services contains unique content written by you, that may contain errors of contextual nature. Editing and formatting does not lead to material change in the original draft and is only editable for corrections and feedback relating to grammar, formatting, subject matter, flow, style and/or other similar features.
  • Documentary proof and process: In case the customer failed to follow the guidelines and timelines laid out, the customer is obeyed to filing of claims/complaints/refund requests