15 Amazing Ways to Educate Charity Giving to Kids

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Every parent’s wants their kids to become a kind human being and show empathy towards each person. The chartable giving back to the community and people helps individual to gain positivity and happiness in return. Our elders use to teach about “sharing is caring” that represents kindness and help kids to become generous to show carefulness. However, the charitable efforts require new initiatives from parents, society and kids to involve and create sense of purpose of giving back to the community. However, it is not easy for parents to teach charity with financial wallet and teach hard concepts in instant manner.

Create an Example

Kids catches the learning that create visual appearance that is easy to remember and recall from the subconscious mind. As parent you have to be their role model by setting example in teaching giving back to the people. You must ensure to do regularly and build a habit among your kids to develop social values. For example, as a parent, you can perform daily habits for people in front of your kids such as opening door for others, smiling someone on street, holding hands for giving support, visiting sick relatives, provide charity in neighbourhood.

Volunteering activities

Parents should encourage kids to volunteer in new opportunities which is best way to teach giving back via actions. It can focus on aligning the kid’s personal interest and volunteer goals together to develop generosity. For example, kid can volunteer for tree plantation on their birthdays, providing drink and food to birds and animals, and other social activities. It would help to build empathy and social values for human and animals.

Choosing their own action

Kid’s can learn through own mistakes and action would help to provide lessons against bad things in their life. Hence, it becomes important to teach kids about becoming a self-independent and choose their action at early age where they support causes based on their own intelligence. For example, kid can value sensitivity by donating toys to poor kids or play with animals and show them love while playing with dogs or any other pet animal.

Lead Family Tradition

Parents can build their own cultural environment to support charity and social responsibility to build sustainable atmosphere and positivity. For example, the family members can make initiative or commitment to save certain money out of their pocket and donate in the charity box and decide the use of that money for any charity function or activities. It would help to build co-operation and team building approach by implying true spirit of giving such as gift, or providing monetary support to the society or vulnerable class.

Value of Time

The parent can teach about the time is invaluable as nobody can purchase time as it is not in our control. You can teach your kids to spend time for charitable activities such as volunteering for environment, hospitals and NGO rather than spending time with smartphones and sleeping. It would help to utilize the time properly and gain lifetime lesson.

Value of Money

Kids would also need to understand about the financial management to spend money for right activities in appropriate budget while donating money. It would be easy for parents to teach kids about the money management and use of cash for chartable purpose in school. The school can encourage the participation of donation of money from kids that can create positivity and generate sense of achievement and appreciation for their contribution to the society.

Set Donation Fund

Kids can look up to initiating donor advised fund to contribute for their charity and collaboration with NGO. The parents can allow their kids to start creating recurring investment of charity rather than looking as an expense. The collaboration with NGO and kids can initiate new learning concept about the tax deduction, allowances and other benefits for contributing to the society.

Visit Nursing Home

Let your kid play with handicap or god gifted child by visiting nursing home. The charity can not only give through monetary but also through sharing happiness. It would allow kids to consider the importance of their health and normalize function they can perform on daily usage which they may not have care about.

Classroom Project

The parents and school teachers can encourage kids and student to promote donation among their neighborhood and local family members. The kids can form a group and initiate charity alone to spend time on promoting and encouraging others to help the vulnerable children and NGO people. It would help to build networking and spending time and efforts for social cause.

Encourage gratitude

Parents can encourage to gratitude each person it may be known or unknown. The salutation and greetings can create bigger and greater impact on the attitude and values internally. It has found that, kids that perform greeting attitude, donate 60% of their earning in charitable account. It would help to build short-term encourage that can make bigger impact in the long-term.

Charity personal resources

The family members and kids can charity their personal and curriculum resources such as academics that can help to provide help or support to the people that requires help. It would help to philanthropic leadership among the kids as they can donate personal clothes, academic books, raw food material. Kids can initiate its networking by asking for resources from the local communities and teachers to donate for good cause.

Societal Marketing

Kids can initiate its networking by promoting social responsibility via creating website. The family members and kids can open a charity website by partnering with NGO to contribute for social causes. However, the family would require to make high amount of investment and capital to operate website and promote charity activities on social media.

Build Emotional intelligence skills for charity

Kids can develop emotional intelligence skills with the giving back attitude. It would allow parents to generate emotional sympathy, honesty and integrity with kids. The emotional intelligence attitude would help kids to teach quality communication and exhibit generosity. For example, a kid between the age of 3 to 4 can comprise charity skill set to build generous behavior and understanding the importance of charity of giving.

Perform visual connection

Parents can teach charity and art of giving with visual representation such as movies, case studies and short-films. You can motivate and create greater level of impact by understanding the visual resources of cancer research film or photos to build sensitivity and emotional attachment with people.

Positive Reinforcement

Charity comes with positive reinforcement by creating feeling to behave in appropriate manner. Parents can encourage kids for their positive and charitable behavior in classroom, outside environment and other places. It can also appraise by showing case studies and inspire with stories of role model in charity activities.

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