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Do you face issues to identify your vision and niche to enhance sustainability for the businesses? It is obvious that you might problems in dealing with international and local competitors and gain competitive advantage with unique value product and services. Though, setting-up a business plan can be a professional way to deal with problems and enhance income opportunities in the future.

Hence, there are certain areas under business plan that needs to be find out. However, the main focus on every business should be to identify the key aspects of internal and external factors. At the end, the setting-up a business plan template would reduce your issues to gain clarity over business operations. The following 10 Key areas of Business Plan will help to eliminate all the problems and issues in management and operations.

What is Business Plan?

A business plan contains several activities that describes company’s core values that describes in written document. The planning function helps to achieve goals that includes Vision, Values, Action Plan, Analysis, budget and many more. It plays important role to make strategic planning that helps to achieve short and long-term goals. The main objective of creating a business plan is to determine and analyze the market opportunity that helps business to generate sustainable social and economic values. The article will specifically focus on main areas that counters business plan.

Mission, Vision and Values

It aims to gain clarity over business operation by defining mission, vision and values that can help to align other members such as suppliers, stakeholders, employees and society. Stating company objectives helps to motivate and lead long-term goals to gain sustainable improvement in creating unique values. Most of the top successful organization has established corporate responsibility that has helped them to lead brand values and maintain standards in product quality.

Additionally, it has helped them to maintain consistent improvements and lead sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. Company such as Unilever plc has enhanced its quality of brand through its Sustainable Corporate Responsibility. It has settled four goals and nine pillars that has helped to deliver exponential values.

  • Mission: It contains the reason behind the existence of your business that would create tangible impact on customers and societies. Mission are the visible element that motivates to maintain the survival of business. For example, Studywoot aims to leverage quality of learning with creativity and adaptability in real world.
  • Vision: Every business focuses on achieving paranoid vision that aspires to be like in future. It is a long-term objective that aims to see the world like you want for your business. Studywoot has vision to connect operation with daily activities of leaners.
  • Values: It act as principles that guides business to achieve mission and vision. These actions highly influence pillars of the business to enhance brand goodwill.

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

The business is highly affected with internal and external factors that influences operation and sustainable opportunities. SWOT analysis drives the assessment of internal and external factors of business operation to understand the potential. It helps to improve strength and eliminate negative factors from the operation to upscale new opportunities. However, the analysis contains certain limitations that it avoids strategic implementation to overcome problems.

On the other hand, PESTEL analysis is defined as understanding and evaluating macro environment factors that influences internal actions such as decision-making, pricing strategy and supply chain. It plays important role to drive positive impact that fosters performance and limit negative elements that hinders objectives. However, the analysis may contain more than one factors that may enhance complexities and create lack of clarity to set and achieve new goals. Check the PDF of Business plan for more details.


The funnel allows the business to visualize weak points of the current operations taken place in the market. It is a customer-lifestyle framework that helps business to focus on optimizing the marketing funnel to attract and engage customers. The Pirate funnel was coined by Dave McClure due to its spelling letters as AAARRR which is an alert sign. The abbreviation is known for Awareness, Activation, Acquisition, Referral, Retention, and Revenue. Click Download for obtaining business plan.

Marketing Mix

The 4P’s or 7P’s of marketing is use for positioning product and services to launch for customer in the market. Marketing mix was firstly demonstrated in 1950s over companies to analyze the advertising and marketing techniques to generate leads and convert them into actual buyers. 4P’s are use for product, while 7P’s is uses for marketing services. It plays important role to attract potential buyers and create awareness campaign by identifying suitable marketing techniques. Though, the business plan may find more than one marketing techniques that leverage problems for creating advertisement campaigns.

Product Market Pyramid

The product appeal establishes fit pyramid to relate your start-up with suitable market to launch product that satisfy market. The concept is designed for start-ups as it really encourages to find a good market with a product that can satisfy customer needs. The fit pyramid enables you to fix the difference between finding potential buyers and convert them to knock your door to buying product and services. It plays vital role to identify target audience and their undeserved needs by testifying the strategy to offer key market value. You can start creating content which can distinguish and creative than other. It would help to customer feel smart that they are logged with right page.

Marketing Funnel

The funnel allows you to know about stages of customer journey that can be relevant with marketing campaign. The marketing funnel helps to visualize the business’s marketing activities on three stages. After identifying your target audience and aware about addressing their questions by offering solution, guide them through the whole process to lead them make a purchase. The marketing funnel aims to build system to generate income and deliver product and service. The systematic process will allow the business to maintain sustainability and enhance growth opportunity.

  • BOFU: The bottom of the funnel focuses on activities that aware target audience about you are the one who solving the problem and how you can. The stage aims to share experience and generate trust of solving problems through gaining Feedback, providing demo and dealing with success stories.
  • MOFU: Once the customers are aware about your product and service, this time it becomes important to create aspiration and generate second though among people over your brand. It plays important role to create brand engagement and communicate your product and services by showcasing its benefits over the others. Your business can start giving discounts, exclusive offers and avail Free Trial for specific period to build engagement.
  • TOFU: Top of the funnel is the last stage that converts potential buyers into sales. The marketing stage focuses on determining marketing channel to promote your content. The start-up can trail and adapt promotional investment as the profit raises. You can start promote product and services through social media posts, paid advertisement, email marketing, promotional video and collaboration with existing rivals.


The strategy contains a list of tactics that you’re going to use to execute and attain company goals. It could be internal, external or both that deals with market challenges. However, a strategy can be called as method, time and resources that helps to fulfil company’s vision. To determine the strategy, STP marketing could help to gain clear focus on optimising your resources.

  • Segmentation: It allows to create segment a group of target audience that contains similar views, aspiration, physical and social factors. The segmentation focuses on allocating resources to target more than one niche to set specified goals to achieve success. It can be placed in different way such as Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic and others. For example, the need of buying toys would be more for household and family rather business professionals,
  • Targeting: Once the segmentation is done, it becomes important to target their needs by identifying their key sources that can help to engage and covert them into leads. Targeting right audience as per the product and niche enables firm to engage and offer better content what they are looking for.
  • Positioning: It aims to create brand positioning in the minds of customer by availing product on different channels. The channels could be online and offline that allows create awareness about the product and build space into the minds of people so that they can recognise with your logo, design, process and more.

Buyer Persona

You must deep insight about your customers with the help of Buyer Persona that can specify about their needs and make suitable brand of product and services to satisfy them. It is the semi-fictional representation of target audience that can be build with market research and real data of customers such as their birth date, hobbies, education, working, location, social media contacts and many more. The more better and specific buyer persona is, the better result you would get.


The financial budget would help to determine the investment, risk and rewards of your operations. Additionally, it would allow to gain sustainable source of income through effective planning of leading financial resources you have to run business. Three years business plan would allow to be discipline in investment in key resources and spending more on new investment. You need to feed the business by raising profit of your business. The round table of profit earning can help to gain sustainable source of revenue. The profit and loss Balance sheet and key financial ration would help to implement key objectives.


The key performance indicator would help to analyze your financial investment and earning profit your business made. There are thousands of key indicators that helps to evaluate performance of employees, sales, growth, profit and many more. It plays important role find key opportunities and implement changes to optimize the process and accomplish goals.

Note one thing for sure, that Business works like rollercoaster ride that may seem losses and profit. Though, what is important to be professionally consistent on your strategy with back-up plan to lead sustainability. We hope you have got an idea of choosing your niche and target right people to avoid survival issues. However, the business plan needs to be specifically clarified the vision and reflect in your system. For more deep learning about business and other stuff by enrolling to new courses and marketing case studies. Till that time Keep learn Keep Woot.

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