Color Psychology: Lead Brand Success in 2022

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Have you noticed how the current brands such as Google, McDonald, Levi’s, FedEx are focusing on eye catchy colors? It has help to engage customers and offer better visual communication due to the understanding of color psychology brands.

You can also implement the color psychology brands for your websites or stores through web designing, logo, paint, T-shirts, Packaging and others. The colors are noticed in every process from the brand awareness to purchase of products. The understanding of color psychology of brands would help you to get customer attraction as per your business niche. So, let’s Start.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Primary Colors

Do you know which are the three primary colors and why So? If you are considering three colors such as Red, Yellow and Blue then you deserve a Woot! But why these three colors known for its primary position. These are the only three colors that can’t be created by mixing any other two or three colors together. For example, the McDonald make use of two primary colors that are Red and Yellow in the business. It looks attractive and enthusiastic while seeing these colors that can be recognized from far away.

Secondary and Tertiary colors

Theses colors are made through primary colors with the mixture of two or more such as violet, green and orange. While, if you combine primary and secondary color, it will produce tertiary colors such as red-violet and blue violet and others.

These different types of colors can have positive and negative impact on people’s psychology. Hence, it will help you find your best colors to target audience.


It’s a good color to start as it is the color of the son in our galaxy and reminds unforgettable smile ball. Yellow colors is associated with creativity, confident, optimism, friendliness and self-esteem. The lighter yellow colors indicate liveliness and positivity among people. On the other hand, the dark yellow color creates feeling of sickness, fear, depression and coward ness.


Ah! red is my favorite color as might be because it easily attracts people since it presents in our nervous system. The color indicates power, impressive and superior which is used by marketing department to catch the eyes of audience. It is basically use for call to action as the big reason it is associated with stop sign. There are different kinds of connotation consist with red, hence it becomes important to pair with words for better indication.


The color is known for its calmness and intelligence that emits a wide range of emotions among people. Blue color is used to show trust, calmness and tranquility. It is majorly performed by hospitals, corporate and IT websites and businesses. The fact is that blue is the most preferred color by all customers.


There is not better color than orange when it comes to superficial and explosion. It is creative and vibrant which is inviting to stand out. The brighter colors showcase easy, comfort, warmth and playful. While, the darker orange will provide feel of getting lost.


The colors are known for making mind and person refresh due to its evergreen vibe. Do you know any eco-friendly corporate company that does not prefer green color? The Green color is easily recognizable as the human psychology has associated with environment, trees and growth. However, the darker green would recognize as boredom, sickness, and greed.


You might see this color as majestic in fairy tales and Aladdin stories. It symbolizes the royalty, noble and lavishness like a kingdom. Violet is kind of spiritual and creative that provides sense of trustworthiness. Additionally, it also indicates wisdom and widely popular among women consumers. On the contrast, it derives suppression and introversion as negative impact on people.


Another women’s favorite color which is marketed by companies that symbolizes positivity and happiness. The color is mostly used for gender specific products which provides comfort and attractive. The brand such as Meesho and Nyka that are women specific clothing and make-up brands drives pink color.


It is mostly used for books and house buildings as is indicates cleanliness and clarity in psychological minds. The white graphical touch provides overwhelm feeling, purity and simplexes. It helps to avoid confusion and maintain transparency.


The color is known for its elegance and formal purpose. It is used to attract professional and corporate workers such as lawyers and traders. The black colors symbolize premium and expensive that can be seen in lavish car brands such as Mercedes, Range Rover and others. The fashion brand such as Burberry, Zara and Next plc also make use of black color heavily to maintain its historical inheritance.


It is made through a combination of green that act as a support for the other colors. It creates positive impact with its warmth and reliability. However, is also indicates dirtiness and lack of sophistication.

What is Color Wheel or Color Picker?

The color wheel puts primary, secondary and tertiary colors all together to make an imaginable color that is available in the wheel. On the other hand, the color picker is somehow identical with color wheel that helps to find perfect color for your web design. The color harmonies help to understand how all mixed colors work together to make color schemes.

Warm and Cool Colors

The warm and cool colors represent in the graphic indicate different kinds of emotion presented in human beings. The warmer colors indicate hot and days of summer season. On the other hand, the cold color indicates days of winter and calmness. It becomes important to choose right combination of warm and cool colors to make bigger impact.

Complimentary colors

It is a combination of warm and cool colors in the design. However, it says that opposite attracts to people. However, there should be one color that must dominate the whole picture. While, the second color must compliment and act as a support. Both complimentary colors should not contain equal weightage in the picture that might look complex and difficult to understand.

We hope that you have understood key color psychology and how it influences the customer perception. Try to make competitive research and analyze on the customer niche as per your business structure. Secondly, try to make use of combination of warm and cool colors to create positivity and attractiveness. Get understanding about brands and marketing from our courses for free. Watch Free Digital marketing case studies to get more idea on successful brands